About Me and My Blog

‘Do you not know I am a woman? When I think, I must speak.’ (Rosalind, As You Like It, Shakespeare)

I am proud to say I have an artificial hip made of ceramic and plastic.  I also admit to having OCD, high functioning autism, some anger management and depression issues and some learning difficulties.  However I have been told that my mental and learning problems are all considered mild or border line and not that serious.  However I find when you combine them together frankly they make me a bit of a mess.  I cross over into so many boxes the education system, medical professionals and work advisers people never knew where to place me.  Through this blog I am interested in exploring how being border line disabled and special needs affects people.  Sometimes I am very glad I can hide my issues and am not worse, but at times I wonder if admitting to them and playing them up would not help me to get on in life.

I was on long-term job seekers allowance benefit for over two years till recently.  Now I am on Employment Support Allowance due to my mental health issues.  I also want to explore how being on benefits long-term can effect things.  I will also write about other issues that effect me and make an impact on my life.

This blog is my opinion of things, not always actuate fact.  I do try and research things and I will always try to show my sources.  Some posts will be more about facts and figures and some will be more opinion based.


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