Christmas Lyrics

This is a song for those who are sick of over cheery, sentimental Christmas songs. Sorry not very merry Christmas this song, but it was how I felt at the time of writing it earlier in the month.

I Want Some Christmas Romance

It’s that special time of year

With couples making plans

Buying gifts and holding hands


I thought that I could take it

But I don’t think that I can

Another year, another Christmas on my own


I wish that Christmas day would wait

I know I’m running out of time

To find someone to spend it with

Who won’t leave next year


I’ve watched too many Christmas films

The Kind you see on daytime TV

They all end romantically


I don’t need perfect all the time

But I need something more than this

Can’t you just give me some hope




I want some Christmas romance

Just my share

It’s not fair, not fair






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