Thoughts on why I am still unemployed

‘Many managers make a hiring decision within the first 90 seconds of meeting you’ (Clare Whitmell writing in the Guardian).  The exact time of judgement in an interview varies according to different sources, but all agree it is within the first few minutes.  As an autistic person I think this puts me at a disadvantage.  I do not think I always make a very good first impression.  I take a few minutes to work some situations out.  My OCD often plays up when I first enter a new situation, with me worrying about my hair or clothing.  It often depends how stressed or nervous I am beforehand, which can often be related to how well my journey to the place went.  Once the interview really gets going and I am distracted my OCD almost always dies down and I am fine again.

I think interviews are often not suited to autistic people.  I like to plan ahead, at least in my head, but I often can’t do this very well for interviews as I often do not know what kind of interview it will be.  Will it be one on one, a panel, a group interview with tasks, who knows?  This means I can be thrown in at the deep end, although sometimes employers do give you a good idea of what will happen in advance and this can help.  I prefer one on one interviews mostly as they are a lot less stressful with only one person to focus on at a time.

I am aware that I often talk way too much, so in an interview I try to say less.  However I think sometimes I end up not saying enough and going too quite in interviews.  I struggle to get the balance between saying too much or too little.  I have always been bad at picking up on social cues as to when I should and should not speak.

Maybe I just do not interview well and it has nothing to do with my autism, but I suspect it has at least something to do with it.  I have had so many interviews and yet still have no job.  I cannot think of another reason for it in most cases.  I dress well, turn up on time, answer all the questions sensibly and am always polite.  Employers are often vague as to why they did not hire me, leaving me to suspect that I come across as somewhat odd or ‘special’.

I might be going for the wrong type of work that does not suite me, but I am not sure what other kinds of work I should go for or how you even get other kinds of jobs.  I would really like some decent careers advice, but this seems surprisingly hard to get.  The Job Centre were less than helpful, asking me what kinds of work I would like, rather than trying to find out if a different kind of work would suite me better.  (After over two years in the system you might think they would.)  I have done almost all the courses the Job Centre has to offer.  I can get the interview, for me that is the easy part, which is annoying as once you reach interview the Job Centre seem to think that is it.  Job courses seem aimed at people who lack any kind of qualifications which is not the case for me.  Courses very rarely spend much time on interview techniques and seem to concentrate on the CV and job searching stage.

It has been suggested by numerous people that self-employment is the way to go.  However they never suggest what work I should do to achieve this.  I do not have a hard skill such as plumbing or carpentry that people need and despite trying cannot think of a good business idea.  Also once you start your own business the benefits you are on get cut and what am I supposed to live on whilst I wait for the business to make a profit, if it ever does?  Plus I want a job that gets me out of my flat, not stuck working from home.  Too much time alone is not good for me.  I know autistics are often said to prefer being alone and I do like time to myself, but too much time alone and my own thoughts start driving me mad.  I end up over thinking with my OCD getting worse and my anxiety flaring up.

‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ as the expression goes.  Clearly this is true as some people seem to get a job from knowing someone in the company and not from being very good at it.  However most people I know are also unemployed or retired and were in the wrong line of work for me when they did have a job.

Someone suggested I try the online careers planner from Prospects (  It asks a lot of work and personality related questions and then suggests suitable jobs for you.  Almost all of the job suggestions it made for me were obscure and not very realistic outside of a major city.  The first job it suggested was a trade union research officer, a job I have never heard of before, let alone seen advertised.

I think I would suit office work, but not really sure how to go about getting it.  I looked at NHS administration jobs as it was yet another suggestion from someone, but a lot of the jobs require you to know how to use computer programs I have not heard of and I suspect mean they are looking for internal candidates who have learnt to use these NHS only programs.  How an earth do you learn to use them in the first place and get your foot in the door?  A lot of office administration work these days requires you to be able to do a lot more than it used to such as accounts and pay role so they do not have to hire another person to do that.  I do not trust my maths skills to do accounts and doubt I could do pay role either.

People judge me too quickly.  I would love a chance to prove myself to an employer, but they never give me time.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on why I am still unemployed

  1. Many years ago I was part of the interviewing panel for the new NA Council Town Clerk. It consisted of the entire council actually, of about 20 people, grilling each victim one by one. I thought at the time that it was cruel and unlikely to get the best all round candidate, just the best actor.

  2. Reblogged this on Job Path and commented:
    This is the first blog that I’ve found by someone who has Autism and OCD; as a person with Asperger’s and OCD I would be interested in how others on the Autism scale find the job search process.

  3. Both of the above comments chimed with me. In my life I have gone through countless interviews and the only jobs I have ever got after an interview was once as an apprentice , and they took me on and one other time when someone else ‘vouched’ for me so I didn’t even need an interview. I don’t interview well. It’s true also that some of the people who perform well at interview and thus get the job often do not perform well, and some don’t even like work as such ; they have learnt how to ‘win’. I have also gone through selection processes where you are asked to enter a role play scenario are assigned a role on how to interact with others, how to argue etc This makes more sense than the interview process. I don’t like either, but interview processes are out of date for most jobs now.

    Jobpath here when you sign up for it stipulates that you have at least x amounts of interviews in a 30 day period. What a joke. I used to think applying by email was quicker than snail mail. Not any more, by the time you have filled out all the fields of the specially devised application pages on most websites (I’m not even talking about the system that you have to log on to for jobpath), you can’t even remember what job you were applying for. Lucky to get a reply now, even an automated one. Ireland is a small country if you live outside Dublin chances are few and far between so the imposition of a British company with all the jargon and statistical based nonsense that you have to deal with even before you start to apply for a job is just wasting your time, when you could be applying for jobs at home. I sense that the staff don’t look happy at these places, I’m not happy at rewriting my CV 50 times for an advisor who has been ordered themselves to waste your time. The tax payer loses with these schemes. Jobseekers don’t matter we have been taught that for years.
    The only hope is that they decide that with robots forecast to replace jobs in areas like accountancy that the cost of giving money to these mickey mouse companies becomes prohibitive.

    I don’t mind applying for jobs if they tell me to apply for 1 to 6 a week doesnt make a difference to me . I can switch off and apply for a job now with my eyes closed. I should add that I want a job. I, like others got swept away from a promising career by the crash. I have retrained , I can apply for jobs in various sectors. There just aren’t enough jobs. The job application process doesn’t put me off. I know that by law of probability I will get a job eventually. I am anxious during interviews but never get a feeling of failure if I hear nothing about a job after an interview. Now it’s just lucky to even get the interview. I like to give the interviewer a rating myself of how they fared. Many people don’t know how to interview others, they just think it’s easy. It just shows you people who get hired due to interview aren’t always the right ones.

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