Over To You

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog posts, I really appreciate it. I enjoy writing about my experiences as a person with both physical and mental health disability issues. It gives me a space to explore how I really feel about things, to research and share information and to let people know what is going on with my life. I am both surprised and delighted how many people are reading my blog and even following it.
Now I would like to ask all those that regularly read my blog, what you would like me to write about. Is there a topic or issue I have written about previously that you would like me to explore further or update you on? Is there a new topic you would particularly like to see a post about? Do you have any questions about anything I have written? I try to keep my blog disability related physical, mental or learning. Please let me know by commenting on this post. If I think it is a topic I have an opinion on, or could come up with something to say on it or think I could research and write about I will do my best to come up with a post for it.



One thought on “Over To You

  1. your university experience. But be aware that if you talk about DSA the rules have changed in the past year about what students are entitled too.

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